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All You Need To Know About Gentle Cesarean

Most women want to deliver their child naturally and not through cesareans. But not all women can naturally deliver for various reasons. For such women, cesarean or C-section has to be performed to deliver the baby. But C section does not always mean that it is not an ideal birth, many women are now opting for a gentle cesarean birth plan as another option if natural childbirth is not possible. Medical experts at say that C Section has become a standard surgery for women who are pregnant and more women are opting to go for a more natural gentle cesarean rather than the surgical C- Section.

What is gentle Cesarean and how different is it from regular C section

It is also called as family-centered birth. Gentle cesarean is also a surgery, but it includes features that make it look more like a natural childbirth. The medical team of gynecologist, anesthetist and the nurses prepare the operating room quite similar to the labor room. The purpose of this type of delivery is that the atmosphere is closer to a delivery room rather than an operating room.
The difference between a traditional C Section and a gentle C Section is that the babies are put to the mother’s side immediately after the birth for the skin to skin contact, which helps to build the bond and breastfeed. In a traditional C section, the baby is handed over to the pediatrician immediately after delivery by cutting the cord. But in a gentle C section, the baby head is brought out slowly followed by the body so that the excess fluid is removed from the lungs. The baby is then placed on the chest of the mother and allowed to breastfeed in the operating room itself. The mother can also request that her hands were not tied down so that she can hold the baby in her arms. The whole operation can be viewed by the mother.

Why opt for it

Many women who have a C section consider it a failure as they are not able to emotionally bond with the baby immediately after birth. By going in for a more emotional way of surgery, you are reducing the guilt of women for not having a natural childbirth. A gentle C Section allows a woman to be more involved in the process of birth apart from benefiting the baby with immediate skin to skin contact and breastfeeding which will help the baby in the long run with proper development of microbiome.

How Gentle C section is done

Talk to your doctor beforehand about gentle C section and how comfortable they are conducting it. You can ask the team to create a softer atmosphere for you to give your childbirth. The doctors will do the following in case of a gentle C section.
Transparent drape so that the mother can see the birth of the child.
Use a unique gauze on the baby to expose the beneficial bacteria of the mom.
Allow the arms to be free so that mom can hold the baby after birth and also breastfeed.
Ensure medications given to mom is not harmful to the baby while breastfeeding.

There are many options nowadays, get all the useful information and choose the best for you.